MIAWsan the Art Alchemist

As the art alchemist, I use ideas, matter and concepts to transform them, sculpt them and remaster them. I transform the boring reality into a world of eclectic craziness.

Designer / Project manager / Sculptor / 3D Artist / Writer / Illustrator

What you should know about me is that I have 2 brains. Some say I am not a regular human (if I am even one). Artists believe I am too organized and managers tell me I am too creative. It bothered me for the longest time as I struggled to understand what the hell I was. And then it hit me. I am both. I am an organized creative, I am a joyful emo girl, I am weird yet professional, I am cute but creepy, I am loud and introvert: I am The Grimm Reaper itself on a kawaii carousel ride drinking a banana milkshake! I don’t have left or right hemispheres in my skull, what I have is a war between two overlapping piece of meat connecting the most « un-connectable » dots.

 Oh! And another thing:
I grew up in both English and French which means I am both languages and create in the one I am most inspired in the moment; Sometimes in French and sometimes in English. Google translate can always help you if needed, she is quite convenient (yes, I am assuming google’s gender).

Follow the Art Alchemist through her divergent mind and discover the past, the present and the futur of MIAWsan


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Movies always had a big influence on my creativity. The power of visual story telling is an important segment of my science.


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« If curiosity killed the cat, this is probably why the cat has nine lives »


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