A New Year Ritual

This year, there is plenty of time to do these little rituals. Usually we are rushing around to parties like chicken without heads. This year was a special one and it deserves a proper goodbye and the new year to come certainly needs a warm welcome! 

I share with you the little rituals I like to do on New Year’s eve. I usually don’t have the time to do them all, but this year I made sure the list is checked! 

  • Wash the windows so you can clearly see the new year coming.
  • Wash your bed, flip the mattress and dust the room to wash away nightmares and welcome new dreams and relaxing nights.
  • Wash your mirrors to see a clean reflection of yourself to start the new year.
  • Dust a little to leave the place to the new year’s dust
  • Take a shower or a bath and wash away the previous year off your skin.
  • Dress up … because sweatpants need a break too
  • Kiss at Midnight: it can be a human or an animal and be thankful to have it in your life. If you are alone, kiss yourself on the hand (or wherever you please) and be thankful for all those yours spent in your body and for being the amazing person that you are. Spread love for the last time for this year and let love be the first  emotion you feel for the first minutes of the new year.  
  • After, open your front door and let the old year leave and don’t forget to say thank you, even though it might have been a hard year for you, there is certainly something good that happened, if not to you than to someone dear to you. It’s good to be thankful for the great things that happen to others around you. Once this is done, open your back door and let the new year enter! If you don’t have a back door, close your front door and reopen it to the new year! It works too! 

There, you did it! The New Year is upon us, and it will bring many magical things like the ones before. 

Happy New Year!!!



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