Santa’s Fault

A short rhyming story about what I believe is quite creepy. Enjoy and let me know, If you still want Christmas and snow.

As the tree’s lights light
And the kids sleep tight
A mysterious moment is about to begin
On that very night
A creature brings fright
And he is as terrifying as the Grimm

With his deep black eyes
And his furry thighs
He enters the house of your dreams
As the sun may rise
You will never realize
You’re trapped in shiny moonbeams

It might seem magical
But isn’t quite ethical
To take your soul away while you sleep
Brings you to the North Pole
Make you work like it’s natural
You now know you have become a sheep

You are now called goblin
Became a great craftsman
As your body is buried away
Wonder what was elfin
Nothing like these Christmas singing
It’s all Santa’s fault anyway.