What’s in the Suitcase

There’s a place we rarely go in the house. A dark lonely place behind bifold wooden doors where lies the remains of old memories, boxes of forgotten artefacts and holiday decorations. A place so dusty that when a beam of light makes its way through, you can see little particles floating around like glitter.

It is a quiet place, peaceful. It might also look like this place isn’t cleaned much but magic can’t happen without a little dust. It’s also a place where monsters like to sleep. Unlike what we believe, monsters prefer sleeping in places where they will not be disturbed. They hate being awakened because it makes them cranky; and that is why you can’t find monsters in children’s closets.

At the very back of this place, in the darkest corner rests a suitcase. This suitcase has seen more joyful days. It was placed there not so long ago at the beginning of a new era: the era we call 2020. It seemed like yesterday it was touring the most majestic conventions and art shows around the globe. Travelling by plane, train and car and visiting the most exquisite convention centres. Meeting tons of people and sometimes even famous ones. Those were the golden ages for this suitcase. It was the keeper of art, the bodyguard of the masterpieces and the holder of wonders. It carried around the most valuable things and it did its job good and well. 

Now that this era banned the conventions, the suitcase and its treasures were set a side. At first it was supposed to be only for a short period of time. But as time went by, it seemed forgotten. Alone for a while now, it was still holding on and never letting go of its task. It did not matter if it was never to get out of there again, what mattered was that even in this place it was keeping safe the valuables it held and this was its job no matter what. That was what kept it going, knowing that one day, even many years later from this very moment, it would have done its best; done everything it could to accomplish its purpose. With little hope left but with all the will in the word, the suitcase stayed there. 

I went into that place lately in search of the suitcase. When I saw it, I couldn’t help but be proud. It was there, covered in dust but still strong. It was still carrying all my art pieces with pride. To be honest I could not even remember what was in there and decided to take a look and make a little video out of it. I guess I made a suitcase very happy that day. 

You can watch the video here:

Some of the items can be found in my Etsy Shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/miawsan

Wishing you all the best,
– Miaw

   Santa’s Fault

A short rhyming story about what I believe is quite creepy. Enjoy and let me know, If you still want Christmas and snow.

As the tree’s lights light
And the kids sleep tight
A mysterious moment is about to begin
On that very night
A creature brings fright
And he is as terrifying as the Grimm

With his deep black eyes
And his furry thighs
He enters the house of your dreams
As the sun may rise
You will never realize
You’re trapped in shiny moonbeams

It might seem magical
But isn’t quite ethical
To take your soul away while you sleep
Brings you to the North Pole
Make you work like it’s natural
You now know you have become a sheep

You are now called goblin
Became a great craftsman
As your body is buried away
Wonder what was elfin
Nothing like these Christmas singing
It’s all Santa’s fault anyway.